Saturday, January 3, 2009

A glass half full.

It's funny how even in the midst of something horrible, emotional, and draining some good is still able to come out of it! I had the best and worst Christmas ever. How can I say that? How can something be so great and so awful at the same time. can. I was able to learn about myself, my husband, and our relationship. We were able to face a situation together and grow together. I was able to spend every waking second with my family and Nick was able to develop a relationship with them he hadn't had before. That other I pray each night that we're all able to find our way and work towards some sort of understanding. But it just goes to show in all situations you have the ability to look at the pros or the cons and if you look at what's positive your life will stay positive!

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jessicaap1108 said...

You and Nick are truly awesome people! I am sorry that you both have been dealing with all of this- but like you said- you have grown together and your relationship has gotten even stronger.

I love you girl. :) You're awesome!