Saturday, January 3, 2009

A glass half full.

It's funny how even in the midst of something horrible, emotional, and draining some good is still able to come out of it! I had the best and worst Christmas ever. How can I say that? How can something be so great and so awful at the same time. can. I was able to learn about myself, my husband, and our relationship. We were able to face a situation together and grow together. I was able to spend every waking second with my family and Nick was able to develop a relationship with them he hadn't had before. That other I pray each night that we're all able to find our way and work towards some sort of understanding. But it just goes to show in all situations you have the ability to look at the pros or the cons and if you look at what's positive your life will stay positive!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My bubble has been popped.

There was a murder.

So we were having a Low Boil tonight. Our good friends family and baby was in town so we had everyone over to our house to celebrate and welcome them. Several guests mentioned cops on our road and you had to give a name and address you were going to. My friend and I ran to the gas station and ended up seeing everything for ourselves. There were cops everywhere. Everything was roped off. News crews, people, craziness. When I went into the gas station I asked what was going on and the woman said they found the girl that had been missing since Tuesday.


How could I have been so busy or so blind or self consumed or whatever to not even know someone within miles of my home had been missing. And now, found dead. She was 21 years old. She had so much life left to live probably tons of more things to offer this world and it's cut short.

I grew up in a bubble. Ignorance IS bliss. I love my bubble. I don't care how stupid or how naieve that may sound. I was always careful, but felt safe and secure. Our last residence...popped my bubble: with the break ins, trash, trashy people, etc. And although our new place is only a couple miles away I thought I found a way to rebuild my sanctuary. A place that reminded me a bit more of my home. Safe, clean, and such. Then this.

I am scared. Is this just the beginning? Is there more to come?
I am sad. I don't even know this girl, but can't help to think how at any point this could have been me or one of my friends. At a bar, outside using your phone, gone.
Her poor family. So close to the holidays.

Why are people so bad? I mean seriously what is this world coming to? Where are our morals?

I am scared.
I am sad.
A life has been lost.
A family is mourning.
A killer is on the loose.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Supporting his teams:)

Flo posted a pic of her insanely cute pup Bruno in his new sweater! So, I wanted to post Hutch in his newest football garb! Believe it or not he likes wearing the jerseys...a lot more than his Hallowen costume.

Is it just me or is he posing? HAHAHAHA!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I need something.

Growing up my parents were always very involved in church. Meaning, to be...very involved in church. Then, it was such a chore. It was something to take up valuable time in my valuable day. Being Catholic I went through the sacraments at all the right times...I did everything I was supposed to. But, I didn't do it for me. I didn't enjoy it one bit.

Now at 23, starting a life with my husband, I find myself wanting to bring religion more into my life and make God more a part of my marriage. It's weird because I always thought when I got out of the house I'd never go again. NOT because I don't believe...because I DO! But because I do think that I can pray on my own time in my own way and still deserve to go to Heaven. I guess I felt like there was something 'more important' and my time was 'more important', but that can't be farther from the truth.

I don't think the world is a horrible place. I don't think most people are horrible. But it seems that a lot of the people I have surrounded myself with have lost sight of their morals and values and I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want to lose the morals and values my parents strived so hard to instill in me. I think being a part of a church can help remind me more often and give me more strength to hold on to my morals and values.

A thread on a site I'm a part of started talking about Christian songs and church hymns and I can here makes me miss going to church. It makes me miss being a part of something bigger than me, you, and everyone and everything.

So...I started looking up Catholic Churches in my area and I can't wait for Nick and I to go and see if we can fit into their family.

Monday, November 3, 2008

For those who are voting tomorrow...


It is your right and it is an amazing thing to be a part of.

BUT PLEASE...don't be an ignorant voter. I hope by this point you have made yourself aware of the platforms. Don't vote blindly. I feel like I've talked to too many people over the last month who a) are voting for a candidate, but have no clue why, or b) think they know why, but have the platforms completely backwards.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Is it ok that my WHOLE life fits inside a UHaul?

I thought about this today between packing and cleaning...

Amongst all the boxes I remembered I needed to call the UHaul people to rent a truck. I then realized I would be packing my lil life up into a UHaul. One UHaul. All the things I wear, or eat, or play, or read, or one UHaul.

I think it would take most a very large moving truck: The Father & Son type, or maybe Two Men & a Moving Truck. Those are moving companies in case you didn't know.

And then I thought:

One day I may have a very large moving truck. Filled with my [amazing] husbands uniforms, furniture, Barbie Jeeps, BMX Bikes, swing sets, puppy toys...

But right now, yes, my lil ole AMAZING life fits into one UHaul. And in the front seat will sit Hubbly and Hutch and as I follow behind in my car I will smile and know that everything inside that moving truck is everything I hold dear, everything I could ever dream at this point in my life, and I am truly lucky!

Monday, September 29, 2008

So, we're moving.

Not QUITE the move we had planned...the CG has decided to keep Nick in Bama for an extra year. Instead of leaving in 2009 we will be leaving in 2010. There are pros and cons that follow. One plus is that we are leaving our p.o.s apartment. After spending the last 9 months here I feel like the side of town we're on, the complex we're in, and the people we are surrounded by are...not right. So since we have to stay we might as well plant ourselves in an area we like in an apartment complex we're really happy with!

So as Nick has been singing, we are moving on up (the apartment is an upgrade to say the least), to the top (upstairs apt. vs. our current ground floor), eeeeeastide (of the Bay, lol).

We are going to be living in a BRAND NEW apt: Two bed, two bath, electric fireplace, vaulted ceilings...sigh...never (well practically never) before walked on soft, amazing carpet...never before used bathtubs! YES! Move in date is the end of Oct, but you better bet the second we have the place looking nice, I'll have some pictures:)